About New Student & Sophomore Programs

The Office of New Student & Sophomore Programs supports new and continuing student success in the Georgia Tech community through a wide range of programs. These initiatives focus on fostering the transition and engagement of students in the Tech community:

  • FASET Orientation (Freshman, Transfer, Exchange Students and Guests)
  • Wreck Camp (Extended Orientation Camp)
  • RATS Week and Welcome Home Month
  • Sophomore Programs (Sophomore Career Experience, Sophomore Welcome, Year 2 at Tech)
  • Transfer Programs
  • Leadership Opportunities (FASET Cabinet & Leaders, Wreck Camp Directors & Staff)



The Office of New Student & Sophomore Programs fosters the successful transition and engagement of new and continuing students into the Georgia Tech community.



NSSP will be leaders in the field of orientation, retention, and transition services. Through innovative initiatives and leadership opportunities, NSSP will empower students to become impactful leaders in their communities locally, nationally, and globally.



1. Develop, implement, and assess innovative programs, services, and leadership opportunities in the pursuit of orientation, retention, and transition excellence.
2. Educate on Institute culture, expectations, history, and traditions to create engagement and a lasting connection to the GT campus and community.
3. Provide students with the support and foundation of skills necessary for personal, professional, and academic success.
4. Provide a dynamic learning lab for students and professional staff to develop and practice leadership skills, professional knowledge, and core competencies.
5. Encourage the development of a holistic view of diversity that promotes an inclusive community and celebration of difference.
6. Focus on creating strong community partnerships and delivering quality customer service to students, parents, and others.
7. Support orientation, retention, and transition programs beyond Georgia Tech through leadership in professional associations and educational endeavors.