Caitlyn Britt


Lawrenceville, GA
Computer Science

Best advice for an incoming student: 
There's an endless amount of things to do on campus, and off campus. Find something you LOVE and run with it. It could be your major, a hobby, an organization, a volunteer experience, or something else. Make it a priority. Also, make yourself a priority--eat, sleep, and have fun. And remember, you are at Georgia Tech because you can handle it, and because YOU are capable of changing the world. We are all rooting for you--we know you can do it!!

Why should you come to Wreck Camp?: 
Wreck Camp is easily the best way to start your Georgia Tech career. Not only will you have fun and learn traditions, but you will also make friendships that will become family. Wreck Camp cured my fears about starting school at Georgia Tech, showed me how amazing the Institute is, and made me feel confident that I had made the right choice. As a camper, I also met one of my closest friends, and many of the other great people in my life today. Every person who goes to Wreck Camp has a different experience, but at the end of the day, every person who goes is glad that they did.