Joshua Suson-Mrak


Business Administration

Best advice for an incoming student: 
Learning about time management, joining clubs, and staying positive is important, but I think that incoming students should also really learn about Tech traditions, namely the fight songs. Not only have they significantly impacted my time here for the better, but these traditions also make college more fun in general. The experience of singing “Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech” at the top of my lungs is a feeling like no other, spurring emotions of intense passion, joy, and shear pride in being at this, sometimes grueling but completely worth it, institution. When second- and third-year students tell me that they do not know the words to the fight song or “Up with the White and Gold,” it’s embarrassing for them because they don’t realize how much influence knowing the lyrics to just two short songs can have on their time in the stands. However, the fight songs are just two of the many traditions that give Tech a personality like no other. Whether it’s placing a coin on Sideway’s grave for good luck on a test, “dancing” to the Budweiser song at the end of the third quarter, or stealing T’s from various campus locations, knowing and participating in the traditions is what us true Ramblin’ Wrecks. Traditions are what bring us to closer to this campus and the people who populate it. They are the difference between being an individual student and being a part of a proud, heartfelt student body.

Why should you come to Wreck Camp?: 
To say that Wreck Camp will forever alter your Georgia Tech experience for the better is an understatement. At Wreck Camp, I found over 200 people to connect with on a very personal level while having one of the most incredible weekends of my entire life. In just three short days, you will grow more as an individual than you could possibly imagine and start off college with a network of both friends and resources to help you throughout your time at Georgia Tech. I waited until the last 5 minutes before sign-ups closed before clicking the register button and looking back, I couldn't imagine why on Earth I ever considered passing up on such a fantastic opportunity. At the end of the day, you will look back and consider signing up for Wreck Camp the best decision you made your first year at Georgia Tech or I didn't do my job.