Nick Loprinzo


Marietta, GA
Industrial and Systems Engineering

Best advice for an incoming student: 
Focus on you! College is your opportunity to delve into your personality and discover who you are, who you want to be, and who you don't want to be. Mistakes will happen, and it's okay as long as you keep trying! College is the time for personal growth, and with that, focus on BALANCE. Go out and join some organizations, meet other first years, find a group of friends, and make some memories. Yes, your grades are important. But so is your mental health and happiness. The happiest people in the world are the ones with the strongest relationships with their friends and family, and it's especially important for you to focus on those relationships at Tech and for college in general. Take this wonderful opportunity you have and DISCOVER everything you can about the world. You are at Georgia Tech, and you CAN do this!

Why should you come to Wreck Camp?: 
For all of you parents out there reading this, sign your child up for Wreck Camp!! My mom signed me up last summer and I was reluctant at first, but after attending, I was confident and comfortable enough to go and meet as many people as possible and tackle most problems that Tech could throw at me. I completely understand not wanting to give up the last week of your summer to attend an extended orientation program, but Wreck Camp is so much more than that! Wreck Camp is a community centered around success and happiness at Tech. Many of the friends you make at camp will be there alongside you throughout your first year at Tech! I still spend time with all the friends I made at Wreck Camp and I’m even in the same student organizations as many others. Attending Wreck Camp will connect you with over 30 experienced Tech Students who are more than willing to give advice, support you in times of need, or just hang out! Georgia Tech is a massive community, and Wreck Camp will show you that you belong here and that you will always have a home on campus.