Wreck Camp 2018 Staff Applications

Be a part of the tradition of Wreck Camp & apply for our 2018 staff! Please make sure you read all areas carefully. If you have any questions, please email Tim King at tim.king@studentlife.gatech.edu. 

General Information
Co-op/Internship Information
Mandatory Dates

Check next to all the dates indicating that you understand when the event is and that you will be in attendance. All trainings listed below are from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. on Mondays, except where indicated with an asterisk. If you cannot select a date, please list your conflict in the box below. 

While applicants are not required to be in the Atlanta area during the summer of 2018 (except the required dates above), Wreck Camp still needs the help of all staff during the summer. What are your plans for summer 2018? (This includes work, study abroad, etc.)
Campus and Community Involvement
Committee Ranking

The four committees are Crew, Spirit, Step Up, and Traditions. Each committee has specific responsibilities and duties to help Wreck Camp as a whole be a successful program. Please read the descriptions below and rank them in order of your interest, with 1 being your top choice and 4 being your last choice.  

Crew - The Crew committee is responsible for carrying out all logistics of Wreck Camp. As a member of Crew, one will create and implement the Wreck Camp games and be responsible for designing and implementing the look of Wreck Camp 2018. Crew members are also responsible for planning and leading some color team activities with campers. 

Spirit - The Spirit committee is responsible for infusing Wreck Camp with tons of Tech spirit! This includes coordinating a staff dance, the Wreck Camp cheers, decorations, and many more options. 

Step Up - The Step Up committee works to bring the spirit of Wreck Camp back to campus. This committee will focus on planning the Wreck Camp educational sessions and staff panels to help educate campers. This committee will also develop ways for staff members to stay connected to campers throughout the year. 

Traditions - The Traditions committee is responsible for creating the traditions presentation on night one of Wreck Camp. This committee will also work to select the traditions to be taught to campers and work on the coordination of the Passing the Torch bonfire. 

Personality Questions

Please choose one (1) of the following two (2) questions and answer it in 100 words or less. 

Essay Questions
Please choose if you are a new or returning staff applicant and then choose two (2) of the following three (3) questions and answer them in 250 words or less.
Agreement and Submit Form