FASET Cabinet


FASET is a program that welcomes over 3000 students and their guests to Georgia Tech each summer. FASET could not happen without the help of Cabinet, our executive board made up of 10 leaders who work together for 10 months planning and implementing vital pieces of the FASET Orientation program. Cabinet is split into 6 committees (Membership, Training & Leadership, Information & Logistics, Community Development, New Student Engagement & Programming) that lead different projects that play into the success of our program. Cabinet is chosen in early October and finishes their term in Mid August. Cabinet is an unique opportunity to help create an institute wide program aimed to welcome new students. 

Meet the 2017 FASET Cabinet
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FASET Cabinet Members Commit To:

  • Be an extension of the FASET professional staff and help direct and advise the FASET Leader staff during each FASET session
  • Co-Lead a FASET Committee tasked with committee specific projects to be completed throughout the year
  • Lead and advise a Cab Team serving as a resource and support to a group consisting of 7-9 FASET Leaders
  • Represent Georgia Tech at the 2017 Annual Southern Regional Orientation Workshop including group educational presentations and spirit performances
  • Assist in the recruitment and selection of the 2017 FASET Leader staff
  • Work with institutional and community partners to enable the success of FASET and other NSSP programs
  • Share your love and passion of Georgia Tech with 3000+ incoming students and guests