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Wreck Camp Directors & Staff 2014

Directors 2014 (left to right): Trey Blanden, Katie Williams, Fares Ibrahim, Erin Sapp, and Sheila Leveille.

Wreck Camp staff consists of 36 student leaders with a variety of ages, majors, and involvements at Georgia Tech. See below for information about this year's exceptional Wreck Camp staff.

Erin Sapp #24
Executive Director
Computational Media, 4th Year

Fares Ibrahim #42
Director of Operations
Industrial Engineering, 3rd Year


Trey Blanden #34
Director of Development and Outreach
Gold Team Leader
Computer Science, 4th Year

The Golden Royals

Tim Feltman
Aerospace Engineering, 5th Year

Dakotah Flowers
Mechanical Engineering, 2nd Year

Gold's Gym

Alex Krall
Biomedical Engineering, 3rd Year

Alicia Lowrance
Mechanical Engineering, 2nd Year

The Golden Snitches

Shahzar Mirza
Business Administration, 4th Year

Elisa Mercando
Biology, 2nd Year

The Gold Standard

Sean Santoro
Mechanical Engineering, 2nd Year

Hannah Dillon
Business Administration, 4th Year

The Golden Tornadoes

Evan Reed
Industrial Engineering, 3rd Year

Sanchari Roy
Business Administration, 4th Year

The Golden Goons (Crew)

Mason Karim
Electrical Engineering, 2nd Year

Violet Chen
Applied Mathematics, 2nd Year


Katie Williams #51
Director of Recruitment
Navy Team Leader
Business Administration, 3rd Year

Navy Ninja Turtles

Ben Chang
Electrical Engineering, 5th Year

Sara Allen
Industrial Design, 4th Year

Young Navy

Kevin Arpin
Industrial Engineering, 4th Year

Julia Hulbert
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, 3rd Year

Noble Navies

Grey Peterson
Architecture, 4th Year

Christana Fagbile
Business Administration, 2nd Year

Old Navy

Tim Peterson
Architecture, 2nd Year

Ida Astaneh
Computer Science, 4th Year

Nautical Navies

Matt Shehan
Mechanical Engineering, 3rd Year

Kirsten Carella
Computational Media, 4th Year

Nuclear Navy (Crew)

David Rojo
Business Administration, 3rd Year

Emma Siegfried
Biology, 2nd Year


Sheila Leveille #47
Director of Membership and Morale
White Team Leader
Business Administration, 4th Year

Great Whites

Dennis Gast
Business Administration, 5th Year

Rayna Berinhout
Biomedical Engineering, 2nd Year

White Chocolates

Michael Hennesey
Electrical Engineering, 4th Year

Neomi Sanghrajka
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, 4th Year

White & Nerdy

Joshua Bartlett
Mechanical Engineering, 2nd Year

Megna Saha
Biomedical Engineering, 5th Year

White Sox Warriors

Kareem Edwards
Mechanical Engineering, 2nd Year

Christy Miller
Industrial Engineering, 5th Year

White Lightning

Grey Skelton
Industrial Engineering, 3rd Year

Nicole Martin
Aerospace Engineering, 3rd Year

White Dynamite (Crew)

Conor Fitzpatrick
Computer Engineering, 2nd Year

Maggie Kelley
Public Policy, 2nd Year